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[02 Jun 2004|12:28am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

good night. went to fridays w/menges, erik, pete & krazy kt...ate good food. Erik, ROb & I watched GOthika, it was pretty enjoyable.

learned how to play cricket/croquet...whatever game involves hitting balls through wickets...anyway, it was a pretty fun weekend.,..but now i feel sorta down & out. I guess its the idea of knowing I willnot be living up to my full potential for the next month. yes, that is it. i miss work.

life is still good, however.

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[17 May 2004|04:26am]
title or description
this isnt going to work
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[17 May 2004|04:03am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

yea i just read back a lot of my entries from a long time ago, and im kinda embarassed. i sound really ridiculous & immature. i still probably am.

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[17 May 2004|12:44am]
it was so nice out today. but not a frisbee was in sight. so we watched basketball & got starbucks. then i drove home. i drove up for church at 5. it was great. helped me clear my head about some things that make me a crappy person.
tomorrow i have to go get my paintings at school. maybe i just won't. but i want to start painting, so I'd need to get an easel from the art building. hm. i'll see how my day turns out.
so i am certainly boring tonight, and where is my girlfriend katherine, she hasn't contacted me all day.
talked to em a lot the past few days, its been good. we were talking about our grades:
em: so far i have 3 a's, but i want straight A's
amy: yea i want straight A's too
em: but i want them so bad! (singing) I want the world, i want the whole world! well if you knew that was from Willy WOnka, and knew emily it would be funny.

alright im hungry.
i need to get over myself.

my nails are long, and i look pretty sometimes, which means....im not being an artist. i should have dry shriveled up hands from paint & clay...and not be wearing cute clothes!

i always thought brian looked really cute all dressed up bc he usually looked like ted kazinsky in the studio...oh hahaa... he would just fall asleep in a lil ball on the dirty gross chairs of the art building... then stare at his painting all night. then add a few brushstrokes. But this was only the case the past few months. i love artists. They understand the passion to slave over a talent that drives you insane, but once it is done, it's your baby. and i can relate this to musicians too, but most musicians i meet don't have much interest in visual arts. i wish they did though. we could start a new genre....
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i want nice triceps [15 May 2004|09:07pm]
[ mood | drained ]

well well
here i am........ i'm at Kt's house, and we just went to a SLAMMIN BBQ! it was chris machinga's "welcome home from the army" party; I barely knew him, but he is KT's neighbor. I'm glad we went. SOME HIGHLIGHTS : learning how to do pushups (I literally couldn't do one), hanging out w/11 yr olds (odie & adam Kaplan's lil sis) among others....and uh... drinking coronas. now we are watching pimp my ride,and I must say i rather enjoy XZIBIT. he's a pretty nice and funny guy. later we are going to watch mary kate & ashley olsen on SNL.
I guess it has been kind of a weird day. Found out some bad stuff this morning & it made me feel like my life at home is pretty surreal...i have no control over what goes on here & i'm very confused. BUT, i love my sisters, and i love my friends, and i love my parents even though they are odd odd people. I went to the gym & now im sore...wahoo... my body is tired. which is good. i need to workout.
And let's see...i should see some shows now that i am home, i usually do not have the budget for that when i am at school. so if anyone wants to go with me, i think i wanna see fallout boy on the 28th, and some more. so ill let you know.
makeout with me.
amy boombastic hotty boom body lightning Bolte

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[14 May 2004|03:17pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

so keyport
as i was running past the fishery, my dad drove by & beeped the horn. and it made me kinda happy to be home. Because every block i ran down i can associate a specific memory to, or i know someone that lives there. So instead of being miserable like i was last summer, I am going to make the best of this. And this, probably isn't even bad. I'm a different person from last year, and I think I can see whats good now, and realize that I can't live my life at the same pace at all times. Up at school, I'm myself. I do whatever I want, learn what I love, choose who to be close to, but in Keyport there aren't many variables, and what (and who) is here, always has been....emphasizing lack of choices. And I'm pretty sure that is what convinced me I hate this place, lack of choices. Because if something was bad, I blamed Keyport (or my family) instead of looking at myself to see how to make it better. that was kind of personal, sorry

So today imma unpack me clothes, do laundry, maybe clean out the shed. kt & i went tanning...after i promised myself I wouldn't do that. but im lousy & i just wanted to be naked in the same room as her, even if divided by tanning bulb diffused partitions.... aka standup tanning beds.

alright, peace out my brethren. gonna go eat a #1. you would only know what that means if you know mike's subs.

ps i've only talked to matt for about 10 minutes since tuesday. but i kinda like it. i guess hes phasing me out of his life.

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so i sing a song of love, jullllll iiiiii aaaaa [13 May 2004|11:11pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

) spell your name using band names: Ace of Base, Matchbok romance, Yanni
2) have you ever had a song written about you? well he said it was... lies!
3) what song makes you cry? hm. i can cry at anything if its a few days b4 my vag is bleeding. otherwise songs that are personal to me.... fsf, whiter shade of pale, liquid's music
4) what song makes you happy? man theres so many. anything that makes me move my bones, or feel emotional, or makes me run, or paint...etc!
5) what do you listen to before bed? it was stupid tanya's voice. ugh. tv.

a p p e a r a n c e
height: 5'5 1/2
hair color: changing lighter? brownish
skin color: whitey white white
eye color: brown
piercings: ears, nose, but i don't put a stud in it anymore
tattoos: no way jose

r i g h t n o w
what color pants are you wearing?: white shorts w/paint on em.
what song are you listening to?: nothing
what taste is in your mouth?: little bites & milk. yum
what's the weather like?: nice. kinda humid
how are you? super! JUST being lazy. and it feels wonderful

d o y o u
get motion sickness?: yes. when matt drives in traffic.
have a bad habit?: probably gossiping, but everyone does. even tho its bad news
get along with your parents?: yes. esp when its only over the phone. my mom & I have fun together
like to drive?: only golf carts or skateboards from toys R us

f a v o r i t e s
tv show: trading spaces, clean sweep, wedding story, friends, sorority life bc it makes me barf, aqua teen hunger force as of last week
conditioner: i have some garnier stuff but i dont really care
book: i know this much is true by wally lamb is the most recent fave. memoirs of a geisha is a constant
non alcoholic drink: wawa lemonade tea, water
alcoholic drink: $10 jugs of wine.
thing to do on the weekend: obvious stuff. knitting, fly fishing and corn shucking
band or group or singer or rapper: fifty cent

h a v e y o u
broken the law: yes.
ran away from home: no
snuck out of the house: yes
ever gone skinny dipping: no
made a prank phone call: yes, florio richie & I made some great ones to farkas. but i dont think she knows that. shhh
ever tipped over a porta potty: no
used your parents' credit card before: they dont have any.
skipped school before: yes. and miss caddock wasnt too pleased. everyone did in keyport. our school blew
fell asleep in the shower/bath: yes once
been in a school play: yup
let a friend cry on your shoulder: i dunno not shoulder specifically

l o v e
boyfriend: the goose
girlfriend: kt
sexuality: i love the vag
children: they shall come spilling from my womb in many years. they will be plentiful
current crush: i need to never have crushes. im so lame. i guess theyre ok to have?
been in love: yes.
had a hard time getting over someone: not really
been hurt: everyone has
your greatest regret: zero. everything in my life has fallen in place wonderfully
gone out with someone you only knew for three days: yea i guess, and he sucked so bad!

r a n d o m
do you have a job: sorta. it starts in a month
your cd player has in it right now: the car had modest mouse. this morning in my dorm was ....hmm... i think a burned anberlin cd. oh and mandy moore. cuz shes a fine lady
if you were a crayon what color would you be?: chartreuse
what makes you happy: clarity
who makes you happiest: different ppl at different times. i make myslef happy a lot.
what's the next cd you're gonna get?: i should get teitur. thats been on my mind
who do you consider good friends?: uh my friends that know me.

w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t
time you cried: when i watched love actually today. IM SUCH A GIRL. and then when i watched notting hill. im just a huge gross sap. but aww love is so cute. i love that fairy tale love thats so unrealistic but nice.
you got a real letter?: from jessica bucey via africa
you got e-mail: i get a lot. my last good one was from jess, too. ibelieve
thing you purchased: well missy poo (sister) bought me a skirt from target, and makeup i think
tv program you watched: something interesting about brain tumors
movie you saw in the theater: kill bill 2. but BARBERSHOP2 was MUCH better.

1: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: persuade them, to entertain them, to call them to action (or

2: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?: bamboo shade

4: WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what the time is: 11:46 p.m.

5: Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?: 11:54 p.m.

6: With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?: the wind.
7: When did you last step outside? what were you doing?: a few hours ago to target
8: Before you came to this website, what did you look at?: my aim buddies.
9: What are you wearing?: white shorts, white t shirt, glasses. im ready for the sack
10: Did you dream last night? yes. it was a good one too. i fell in love.

11: When did you last laugh? i was probably making fun of my mom or something

12: What is on the walls of the room you are in?: lavendar paint, crappy pictures & drawings from high school..haha, allisons bulletin board w/a picture or darren d'amato. ill try to stare at it as i lay in bed.

13: Seen anything weird lately?: a huge sierra mist bottle? last night everything seemed weird. hanging out w/Jeremy & kt. tehe

14: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?: my education?
15: Tell me something about you that I don't know: i really wish i could be a tapper in some big show or something. but that dreams dumb

16: If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?: wow. theres too much. i'm not even going to write anything.

17: Do you like to dance?: Yes. so much. and i wish i had some smooth moves so i could go to a club, even if it was blub future. i just want to dance w/some gal pals. or really go into the city to dance dance. bc i havent put me shoes on in months.

18: George Bush: is he a power-crazy nutcase or some one who is finally doing something that has needed to be done for years?: i do not care right now. what i do know im not too fond of. but im not informed enough to really have an opinion.

19: Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?: i dunno. i like certain names like emma, . i don't wanna think about babies really. unless its someone else having them

20: Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?: blanket

21: Would you ever consider living abroad?: yes. hopefully next year. then again montclair is kind of like another country.

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[11 May 2004|09:52pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so, in about 24 hrs, i too will be moving out of this wonderful place. this place known as stone hall. the main thing making me sad is the idea of living with Miss Katherine Allison Mancine next year. if we don't break up next year at least once i will be AMAZED. HAHA JK LOL. no seriously im joking
this girl next to me on a comp REALLY aggresively poured orange tic tacs into her mouth. straight from the pack. she must be really stressed. I should have been stressed today, w/2 finals & a painting to touch up; I instead ate dinner w/jeremy & matt...hungout w/the gossinator, talked w/ backtuck tanya & uh... i dunno, just read some new books i got in the mail. I'm pretty excited about one of them so far. its about evolution, or really understanding what theories are concrete & what ones aren't. interesting.
so, about moving out. i dont really wanna. at all. but you know, i guess ill make the best of it. I still wanna come to liquid on sundays, and to bible study on mondays....so ill have to borrow a car. darn.
if anyone wants to go whitewater rafting, i think we should do it. but we all have to wear helmits. im talking to you liz. dayback. liz dayback. one of 3 ppl that even knows about this here journal.

alright this is probably really boring. so im gonna go back to my room. its so early, 10 o clock! wahoo. im hunnggrrryy... or really im just craving buffalo chicken. my vice. my one true love, i will not eat you this summer, buffalo chicken. Or for that matter: fire cracker wraps, that good chocolate milk...thats about the only thing that i'd miss. egg salad wraps too.

dominos has a buffalo chicken pizza. just what i've been waiting for. i wish heather was here, she'd probably order that with me. but she just left & went to florida like a weirdo.

i miss bucey. and thats it.
buceys dad's name is gary. isnt that great

oh yea, life's good.
and um. i saw kts naked painting yesterday & i thought it was good.

smell ya later masturbator

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[10 May 2004|03:10pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

sitting on the dock of the bay. by on the dock of the bay i mean in the computer lab. and i have cramps bc my vagina is bleeding. which is good.
Im not studying right now because i've decided im done with school. After I went to the camp & realized how much i just want to be there in the sun all day, I just am being lazy w/school. i didnt brush my teeth today or brush my hair...and i really enjoy that. that i dont care too much about looks n crap. i only say this bc last year i wouldnt leave w/o putting on concealer. And i'd do makeup in the morning & matt thought i "glew" in the morning...oh haha... it was blush. i was such a pathetic lady.
last night kristin the D.A. gave me 1/4 of a chicken parm sandwich, and it was so good, and that was so nice of her. b/c she could have saved it. but it was delicious & then i wasn't hungry all night.
oh yea i didnt go to liquid bci wanted tonap & study. but i didn't do either , so i really should have gone.
alright, im gonna go bc this is borrrinnggg..
bye you beautiful babies.

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[07 May 2004|12:18am]
[ mood | grateful ]

hey babies. im gonna secretly update my LJ & see if anyone notices.tehe.
im feeling real nauseaus right now. Tanya & I (roommate) both ate salami & cheese sandwiches, soda, & rice krispy treat all spread out throughout the day, and now I feel sorta nasty. my head hurts bc of the soda i think.

i watched the last friends tonight...to all you haters that hate on friends, dont listen. But i liked it....and T & I screeched at the same time when Rachel came back from the plane! man.

im really digging pregnant women that show off their bellies & still look all sexy. i guess cause im watching courtney cox on leno.

my hairs getting pretty long, but i want it lonngaaaa...... i started growing it to donate, but it appears this is gonna take a pretty long time.

the effing BFA nazis havent emailed me to tell me if im in yet. I would just be annoyed if i didnt get in b/c i told the main lady (julie) that i didnt feel like doing it this semester since i have barely any work that illustrates what i actually want to do w/my paintings. and she was all "do it, you have to do it! do it in a week, here im writing you down" and now theyre not even emailing me. so whatever.

im going to a camp this weekend to checkout if i wanna do the camp counselor thing this summer. The idea is mainly to escape my house b/c it blows there. but now im kinda excited to be able to act like a kid for around 6 weeks.... ahhhh....

and uh i wasted my whole day. whole day. whole day. didnt really do any studying, didnt paint, didnt really pack that much. i suck

i think noah wyle's really sexy. i love skinny boys w/dark hair.

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[02 May 2004|02:07am]
[ mood | cold ]

I guess I'm updating because I would be thinking this in my head if I weren't in the comp lab, so why not type it?
These past couple days have been mentally ridiculous I guess. But noone wants to hear about that I'm sure
Moving back home in a couple days. Maybe it'll be fun; I'm mainly looking forward to turning my shed into a mini art studio where i can paint..paint paint paint... id love to NOT get a job & just go running then paint all day. It's kinda hard to have a job when you don't have a care. It's kind of hard to have a car when you don't have a job. And thus, the cycle repeats.
School news: going for the BFA on wed... they let lots of ppl in, so any one of my friends & I shouldn't really worry. I'm going to be french 4 next semester...wtf...why did i do that? its really intense already, fucking french. If i don't go to france next spring I will have wasted a year learning something. thats a crapass feeling, especially to ppl whose major has classes where you learn in all of your classes.
life news: um. i guess a whole lot really. this year has been amazing... and its over. man, it was so much fun w/my stone hall family. im gonna miss playing tricks on anthead w/dave. classes were good... buffalo chix strips were good.... in other life news i've stopped planning my future life, and am now solemnly promising to just work hard & honestly & see what happens.

looking forward to running tomorrow, showering (haven't in 3 days) going to liquid, then homework. I was hoping to get buttloads more homework done, but random mini nervous breakdowns have hindered this. lets blame this one on hormones, which in reality is me...so blame it on me.

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[14 Aug 2003|05:43pm]
[ mood | angry ]

everyone is annoying. i hate it how you just think someone rocks, then they suck. and when a good part of your life is rooted around them, it blows when you have even the slightest doubt about them. i havent seen this person in a week, but when he was here, i couldnt have cared less to be with him. whats wrong with me.

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[13 Aug 2003|01:48am]
[ mood | hungry ]

im a lil creeped out by the "peaceful" icon pictured below because its smoking a cigarette. But, yea im really craving a salad w/chicken & honey mustard dressing.

this week is going to be fun because im going up to montlcair Wed. to help matt move in, then ill probably drop off my fall FIT application by going into NY, then this kid eddies luau party on the 16th, then im camping for Philadelphia Folk Fest on the 17-24th. IM thinking i might hate it, but i dont know. IT was described as hippies jammin out while camping, a lot of eating & drinking, and swimming in the river, and watching concerts at night. BUT its with Matt's family & holy crap thats a week w/the Gossins...and im fricking scared. BUt yea...his sis is pregnant & it made me really happy for some reason. Because he'll be uncle matt, and its not like im gonna get to know the kid, but thats cool to see a baby growing up. anyway, that was pretty cheeseball of me.

Gonna hit the hay.

I got an awesome lamp today, last years lamp pales in comparison!!! i bought this one, no psycho roommates are going home with this badboy...

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hansels so hot right now, hansel [11 Aug 2003|03:18am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

NOT THAT ANYONE GIVES A DAMN...but im updating...because well...its one of those moods. NOW, people better comment on my boring shit...and i better start making up some livejournal friends so i can feel like part of this "community". enough.

if you thought taking pictures around union beack & keyport of you & your friends posed on fake fish/seals wasn't fun...well..then...you've obviously never tried it. I did that last night along w/lots of other nonsense.
a headline read "arnold...the Governator"...i hope you all get it.

lots of stuff has happened lately, luckily nothing bad, heres a review:
Got a job at Broadway Grill, made money
went to NY to visit FIT & now i have a plan of attack for next year...hopefully
learned how to kayak, went helicoptering & ate fancy food all in one day
crashed the side of my sisters new car into a "monster truck" around the corner from me about a week after she got it. (i cried)
havent had a shower at this house this whole summer, or a wash machine
beached it up
learned how to relax a lil
read "i know this much is true" i suggest reading it
a lot of cats died, but its a long story
got fired / quit broadway grill for having a nosering
i got a cool green polka dotted dress w/nowhere to wear it

ok then.

i hope to talk to you soon

until then

oh yes. some christians creep me out. some are cool. i like the cool ones.

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crappy apple crisp~! [16 Jun 2003|02:09am]
I was just looking at pics on Kt's site & saw the "amy, emily & kt" section & it made me sad because I feel like weve only hungout together once this summer, I guess friends grow apart, but its for crappy reasons... I spose it'd be fine if i was good at just being friends w/ppl im not all that fond of, but I prefer hanging out w/really good friends than hanging out w/a bunch of acquaintances...but yea. I wish sometimes everyone grew up at the same rate...instead of being fascinated w/partying & crap when it really doesnt matter in the longrun.

soo...who wants to slamfuck me..with their dick! sorry jk. enough enough....im a big dork & went on a picnic today...i bought jims burger haven & went to tatum park w/my lovah....then we malled...i got a halter w/bra for ten bucks & the lovaah bought me these awesome underwear for 1.95$ at AE...all in all a cheap & fulfilling day. he got brown pumas & a weird hat on a sidenote.

so i dance like an old lady, whilst around old ladies..specifically my aunts & mom at the wedding last night. all my aunts (all 6 of em) dance the same & sorta look the same & its just funny....it made me happy to see everyone happy, and to actually see young people in love for real reasons, not stupid ones was nice. I dunno..i often just think that love is guaranteed to fail..hardcore...but i think thats because i was raised that way. My parents seemed to hate eachother for most of my youth, and my mom just always told me to be successful so if i get married I can support myself when i get divorced..haha...i think thats cute, for old janice to instill such faith! But yea..

So eriks show was a lot of fun the other day. It was a really nice day to go to bloomfield ave...altho rob dasilva just kept saying how he doesnt want his gf to live there...haha... but yea, we got ice cream, and it was the first time i ate it in a while so it was fabbbuuloooussss!! and i got to see professional tap dancers auditioning for the NJ tap ensemble, which was a coincidence since we just happened to walk by the dance school while going to get ice cream. I liked eriks set & even get the set list!!!!! ohmygawd.

ps we should hangout again s'il vous plait!

so yea... i need a job! fucking broadway grill lying motherfuckers!

and what else.... i want an apartment..but not really, just want my house to be a good place to live & its not. arggghhh


all we need is love..and if you havent seen the khs 2003 yearbook yet i recommend it!!!!some of my fave advice from khs students is :

"you can take all the drugs in the world but it still won't make the pain go away, cause the pain will just be worse"


"Dont come to keyport"

who said them...youll just have to find a yearbook.

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me again [30 May 2003|06:27am]
i just read something that will probably annoy matt...

"Because woman’s work is never done and is underpaid or unpaid or boring or repetitious and we’re the first to get fired and what we look like is more important than what we do and if we get raped it's our fault and if we get beaten we must have provoked it […]for lots and lots of other reasons we are part of the women's movement."

im not venturing to say im part of the woman's movement..i wish i had more sense to do so, though.
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starting to get muscles! [30 May 2003|06:09am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

i love tennis skirts. i wish they werent sold at abercrombie so i could wear my cool ugly one from the thrift store w/o it just looking like a cheap skirt. ok that was a weird stupid statement. im starting to get excited for summer! i have 2 prospective jobs i have to inqure about tomorrow..i only have one more week of kids dance caravan too! thank goodness. Once my rooms rearranged, my mom buys a new washing machine, and the bathroom & den are underway to being fixed up ill feel like I'll have a grip on my home being habitable.

boring crap, ill shut the frig up now.

How do you feel about global feminism? i just re-read an article from Ms. Magazine that i wanted to quote months back...and now its not really pertinent to any thoughts I've had lately...but i just wanted to share something that gave me one facet of my opinions, or lack thereof concerning war...yea here

As Ms. goes to press, there's no way of knowing if, by the time you read this, the United States will be at war-- an elective war launched against Iraq, where 50 percent of the population is under age 15. Yes, they are oppressed by a brutal dictator, but it's also clear--from polls showing that some 70 percent of Americans oppose Bush's unilateral action against Iraq 7-- that a majority of us don't trust the judgment of our leader.

Yet every day now, Americans only a few years older than most Iraqis are being shipped to war zones. The heart cracks at how frightened these young men and women look. "We've got a job to do," they say, but a carefully fostered ignorance that defends "doing a job" for leaders who haven't done their job of statesmanship is not acceptable, post-Nuremburg. It is not an excuse for lacerated flesh and fragmented minds. Contorted logic to the contrary, the real way to support our troops is not to put them in harm's way.

After all, there are three prerequisites for a volunteer army. The first is practical, requiring that a segment of the population be economically disadvantaged. (In a society still racked by sexism and racism, this is why almost a third of U.S. forces in the first Gulf War-- and nearly half of the 27,000 women-- were African American.) Most people enter the armed forces for basics they can get nowhere else: guaranteed income, decent housing, free medical/dental care, a higher education; in effect, the Pentagon benefits from practicing its own form of socialism. The second prerequisite is political: the promise that equality and power are gained by military service-- yet those who do the killing and dying still aren't those who make the policies. The third prerequisite is psychological: the mystique created for war-- a mystique of manhood, weaponry, battle-- that eroticizes violence and glamorizes death. The only way the first incentive will disappear is by eradicating sex, race, and economic bigotry. The only way the second will evaporate is by redefining power and empowering ourselves. The only way the third will vanish is by refusing to support the masculine mystique. We need people with the courage to live, not die.

OK! sorry if you were bored..i dont give a crap. nighter!

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everybody move to the back of the bus [28 May 2003|05:30am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

wow i just had an excruciating pain in my abdomen..now its gone. whoo. ok, so rain motherfucking mother fuck hobag sucks. I hate it. 24 out of 26 days weve had precipitation.

My sister graduated college & at first i really dont feel like going to see it..the ceremony that is...because it wuld be boring & it was freezing & rainy. But, i got to see her get her diploma amidst the umbrellas blocking the rest of my family's view..and it was touching. I got choked up. and cried, because im a pussy.

I wish my family would get it together & get the shower/bathroom done so my house could be habitable. i hate this. i hate my house so much that matts not allowed up here to visit...because I just get so stressed and unhappy here. VIsiting him is like a vacation to the country..where we eat strawberries & i run through the woods..here....well, it just sucks. Ps...there are some huge stupid birds in south jersey...and they're swooping around, with their six foot wingspan...thinking they're all badass...causing me to stop in my tracks and just wait for it to fly away...I just assumed birds would attack me? i dont know.

Ive obviously visited the diner too much since ive been home...because I always do... but its a good place to just sit & chat.

i got a really sweet bag as a gift this weekend...it has the painting "birth of venus" on it...1484, botticelli...one of my fave paintings i studied all semester, and thats why the person who got it for me is "hella" special.

i really wanna start to paint, draw SOMETHING!!! ahh i have all these ideas, but i feel like im in a rut..where im not really an artist..i just do it sometimes...i wanna live in a barn & paint...then tap dance...but i think i already mentioned that once

my dumbass lil sister & her friends drank a lot of em's beer so i put in $12 and didnt get much out of it...but hey...as long as their retarded asses had fun...a good time was had by all i feel this saturday... I like open bars at cocktail parties...and getting all dressy

so im pretty simple... hence simple post. now im hungry. nighter

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microwaved snickers are so good [03 May 2003|06:32am]
[ mood | drained ]

So i feel all sorts of crappy, i have a headcold..my throat hurts...but its not making me cranky or anything..so nevermind.

Im writing some 5 pg paper about art & i remember how annoyed i am at my roommate. We have this cool 3 light bulb striped lamp thing that we got from target-we split the cost in the beginning of the year. Kt says it looks too target, but fuck her. YEA FUCK YOU, anyway.... she plans on brining it home because "i dont wanna get into it, but i did more for the room, like clean it"...so i just let her take it. But now, im reconsidering..tell me if im being ridiculous... i already know im being petty, but... Of course she would do more for the room, but its not like she'd clean my section, she'd clean hers. And only whenever she was having ppl come over, or if she was bored. WEll, I just wanna point out to her how much more I do than her, thus it doesnt matter if she fucking has more time to clean, or if she has desire to. She doesn't have a job, she didn't have rehearsals in the beginning in the year, she doesn't have a hobby, and she doesnt get good grades.... she has plenty of damn free time. So do I, im not complaining, but seriously...she so rude. Ive never kept her up at night drunk, like shes done to us...i dunno, i want the fucking lamp. Just cause, I like it, it matches my room & thats all.

i feel like such a petty bitch.

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teriyaki rice bowl [30 Apr 2003|01:24am]
[ mood | relieved ]

This has been the best year of my life.

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